wedding photography tipsDo not make the monumental mistake of skipping the bridals.

As a professional wedding photographer, the bridals should be one of the very first things that you should plan ahead for. It still comes as a bit of  a shocking surprise how so many expert and experienced wedding photographers out there get so caught up in the moment in planning out all of the details of the wedding photography coverage that they completely forget about the bridals. This should be one of the very first things that you need to plan for. After all, the star of the entire wedding is the bride. It is only fitting that you dedicate a specific photo shoot solely to showcase her. Plan the bridals ahead of time, ideally around a few days before the actual wedding day takes place. You can do it right before the wedding on the actual day itself but you will be working with a very small window of time and things can get pretty hectic and crazy if you more or less do it on the day itself. The best way to do it would still be to plan it ahead of everything else. Get it out of the way first and then let the rest fall well within the scheduled timeline. The bride will thank you for it. You might even thank yourself for it, just saying.

Give the bridesmaids a quick pep talk and get them “in the mood” for the bridal march.

How many wedding photo albums have you seen wherein there have been tons and tons of times that the bridesmaids looked anything but regal and smiley? Bridesmaids tend to forget that they are just as much a part of the entire ceremony as everyone else in attendance. It is important for them to be able to really bring their best face forward quite literally and figuratively.

Make it a habit to go through the motions of really giving a few minutes before the bridal march to talk to the bridesmaids. Read them an interesting quote or compliment them about how they all look so beautiful and glowing during that day. Happy looking bridesmaids make great looking pictures. It can really set the down for the rest of the wedding party when it all comes down to it. Tell them to smile as much as possible and to really make it worth the camera’s while for as far as the wedding photography side of things is concerned.

Be on the move all of the time.

A great wedding photographer cambridgeshire knows without the shadow of a doubt that the best way to capture the best shots in a wedding photography event would have to be a wide variation in angles and perspectives at the end of the day. Wear comfortable shoes during the wedding day event because you will be walking so much, your feet will start to hurt. It will all be worth it in the end once the pictures come out beautifully though so at the end of the day, it is actually a very small price to pay.


wedding venuesOne of the main and most challenging aspects of planning out the details of a wedding event that you are trying to organize would have to be the part wherein you are trying to make a decision on which wedding venue to go for. The wedding venue is one of the most crucial details that needs to be worked out first and foremost because this is the starting point where all the rest of the other wedding details will tend to sort of fall around or arrange themselves around.

If you are keen enough to observe, the moment that a bride and groom announces that they are planning to get married soon, one of the first things that they are ever asked would have to be when and where. The element of time and place is a solid base to work your wedding event plans on. That is technically one of the reasons why you need to be a bit of an expert on how you will be able to weigh the pros and cons against each other until you will eventually be able to come up with a short list of wedding venues to choose from.

If you are looking to find wedding venues in Kent, the principles are still pretty much basic and the same. Although it may be true that there will be about a couple of challenges that come along with it because of the fact that wedding venues in Kent are in high demand because of the fact that it is one of the most popular places for destination weddings, the basics in finding the right kind of venues still work out the same way at the end of the day.


The first thing that the bride and groom should consider when choosing or looking for wedding venues in Kent would have to be the logistics part of things. There are a lot of basic information and details that need to be worked out first. There should be a direct correlation between how many guests they are planning to invite to the wedding and to the actual number of people the wedding venue can actually fit. The couple will also need to consider what time of the day they are planning their event in as well as to what season of the year. This is due to the fact that various seasons and various times of the day may require a different set of special accommodations for the guests and all of those things will need to be pretty much taken into consideration one way or the other. The bride and groom will also need to think about how accessible the wedding venue is to a majority of their guests.

Guest list

Are there any people in the guest list who have disabilities? If yes, then special ramps and any other accommodations out there will need to be prepared for as well. The reason why the season will need to be taken into account is because of the fact that wedding venues in Kent will usually post pictures of their venues during the summer or during times when everything looks great in terms of foliage, time of the day, and so on and so forth. It is important that you plan the date of the wedding around this so as to avoid any disappointments in the future.


Do not run out of memory or batterieswedding potography

If there is one mistake that you absolutely cannot go out of by alibis, and so on and so forth, it would have to be the aspect of running out of batteries and memory space. You will need to get rid of the possibility of you running out of either of them because you owe as much to your paying clients. Ask the bride and groom what particular timeframe they have in mind for the coverage and then plan how much you are going to bring around this. Ideally, you should bring about two extra camera batteries per camera and then something around 60GB worth of memory space. It is alright if you pack for too much instead of bringing too little and then end up running up short in the middle of an event coverage.

Do not miss the family shots

One of the most important moments that you could ever take would have to be the photos of the bride with her family as well as the groom with his family. The bride and the groom will never forgive you if you miss one of the most important moments of their wedding when they are posing with their individual families and even one main group photo that has both families altogether. Just to make sure that you do not crop anyone out, the best thing that you would have to do would be to make sure that a telephoto lens will make you capture all of the photos that you will need to capture.

Just be yourself

Wedding photography is not a popularity contest but it will definitely make your job easier if people like you a little more. Sometimes, when you more or less try a little too hard, you get to come off just as such and that is something that you might want to veer away from as much as possible. Do not try a little too hard for people to like you. Instead, just go ahead and be yourself as much as you possibly can. Be friendly and be polite enough and regard people with respect and you should be just fine. You do not necessarily have to be the entertainer or the life of the party but you can at least be accommodating and engaging.

Be invisible.

People tend to relax a little bit more and have a little more authentic expressions on their faces when they do not feel nervous all of the time. Not all people out there feel comfortable with being photographed all of the time so this is something that you should at least be sensitive about. Try to keep your distance as much as possible and arm yourself with a telephoto lens for those close up shots and you should be just fine. People feel more comfortable when they feel like they are not being scrutinized all of the time.

Pay attention to details.

The little details can really make or break the photos and that is something that you might want to keep in mind when you are coming up with the composition.


wedding photography tipsShooting in RAW will give you the best quality for your photos.

Wedding photography is really big on picture quality. The reason why the RAW file format is able to deliver the best quality of photos out there is because of the fact that it captures all of the data or information that has been recorded directly from the sensor of the camera used. It means that all of the info is basically untouched or unedited. There is no white balance automatically applied and the camera does not do any kind of processing on the images. You will get to have sole control over all of the editing options and you will be able to manipulate everything down to the very last of its details. This is extremely powerful when you get to think about it because the camera’s automatic editing program is nowhere near as smart as your bran paired up with a powerful editing program on the computer.

You get higher levels of brightness when you shoot in RAW.

Levels of brightness might initially sound like jargon to the beginner but it just basically refers to the number of steps that is required to take a picture from black to white. The higher the steps, the smoother the transition, and in turn, the better the photo quality will turn out to be. If you need a little something to put things into perspective for you, JPEG can provide you with 256 levels of brightness. That does not sound so bad… until you compare it to what the RAW format has to offer – which is up to as much as 16,000 levels of brightness and counting. This kind of difference is astounding, to say the least.

You will be able to easily fix any image flaws such as blown highlights, clipped shadows, over exposure or under exposure, and so on and so forth.

The point of the matter is that we are only but human. As much as you would like to capture perfect shots every single time in your wedding photography gigs, that is not always the case. You will encounter several issues or flaws now and again and that is something that you would have to prepare for. RAW files will let you easily fix any photo issues that you may have without drastically reducing the quality of the photos.

You get better details for your images when you shoot in RAW.

That is something beneficial to you as a essex wedding photographer in wedding photography. RAW files give you access to powerful options such as noise algorithms and the like when you pair them up with powerful computer editing programs such as Aperture and Lightroom. If you are particular in making sure that you get nothing but the crispest and the sharpest of images at all times, then RAW is definitely the only way to go when it all comes down to it.

You are able to edit your images without any risk of ruining the original file.

When you edit your RAW images, it retains the original file. This means that you are not damaging anything and can always go back to square one if you make any editing mistakes.


newborn photography

Newborn photography is somewhat divided, up to a certain fashion. One side of newborn photography falls on producing choreographed and posed imagery in a studio photo shoot style whereas the other side of baby photography Oxfordshire refers to a more natural and more candid approach to things. Both sides have their own strengths to offer at some point. They both look great in photos and they both have a certain appeal to clients and to photographers alike. Whatever the style or the preference may be at some point, it really all depends on what your clients are asking for. Although your artistic inputs are pretty much appreciated and valued, you have to keep your ears open and always look out for what they will like the most.

Make sure that you capture every single detail in newborn photography and do not neglect anything.

Whether the baby may be crying or laughing or yawning or whatever, what you can be quite rest assured of is the fact that the parents will greatly treasure each and every single detail. The reason why it is so crucial for you to document these moments in the newborn baby’s life is because of the fact that these moments are extremely fleeting and the parents are looking for some sort of memento to remember it by one way or the other. What may be the cry of a newborn baby today may not be the same a month later.

Time really is of the essence when it all comes down to it.

Include any other little details such as items that are extremely important to the baby and to the clients alike such as knit blankets, or the family pet, or an heirloom infant bracelet, and so on and so forth. Try to talk to the parents and ask for the top three items that they think should be an important part of the photo shoot and work around those items, if you can help it.

Photograph the newborn baby at home.

It is meaningful for you to actually photograph the baby against a backdrop memorializing his very first home. It can be for sentimental values or for posterity. Whatever it may be, you can bank on the fact that this is an extra finishing touch that your clients will definitely be able to appreciate. More than that, you are guaranteed that every single photo shoot will actually be a unique one.

Try to schedule your photo shoot within the first ten days of the infant’s life.

The first ten days are the best days to get the photo shoot business well and out of the way because of the fact that the baby is still very “moldable” and is also asleep most of the time. If you schedule the shoot later than that, you might come across some difficulties with regards to the cooperation of the baby. Infants are also less susceptible to noises and are less sensitive to light during the first ten days of their lives.


wedding photography tipsWear comfortable clothes

Wedding photographers out there should know better than wear extremely uncomfortable shoes during the coverage of a wedding event. It will surprise you how much walking a wedding photographer can do during a wedding event coverage. A lot of walking is a bit of an understatement, when you come to think of it. The point is, you will be moving around a lot and you will be exerting a whole lot of effort during the day of the event. You are probably thinking that you can afford to opt for style over comfort but that is really not the case. You will be quite mistaken if this is something that you opt for. Although it may be quite tempting to go for that really attractive looking pair of heels but you have to think about how they will be feeling in a day. Go for shoes that offer both comfort and aesthetics and you should pull through just fine.

Manage crowd

Manage the crowd appropriately, and particularly the people who are somewhat considered a bit of a nuisance during your wedding photo shoot. The truth is that there will always be that one person in the wedding event who will try to undermine you as the wedding photographer Manchester. Believe it or not, wedding photographers from all over the world encounter this kind of problem every single day. They will try to tell people where to pose and how to pose. They will even get in front of you and try to take their own photos with their camera phones. Go about this as calmly and as coolly as you possibly can. Tell them that you appreciate their efforts and that you would like them to step aside for a bit just for you to finish up on your shots and then they can resume if they would like to. You should be able to know how to manage your tone and the way that you speak so that you sound firm enough for them not to ignore yet still friendly enough at some point wherein they will not find you as someone who is coming on too strong and at times a bit rude.


Maintain open lines of communication with the bride and with the groom. If there is anyone that you need to get chummy with all throughout the wedding proceedings, it would have to be the bride and groom (with the emphasis leaning more towards the bride). You need to make sure that above all else, you are delivering the kind of service that they specifically asked for and that you have spoken to them about. Disagreements between number of hours, kinds of products to be delivered, and other services included in the package they opted for can go really ugly really fast and you need to make sure that you are able to do your best to avoid it as much as you can. Hold a meeting with the bride and groom and discuss everything to them in detail. Clearly outline the things that they are getting and the things that they will not be getting. Lay everything down in black and white and do not sugarcoat anything.

Give it to them as it is and try to stay away from any flowery words or embellishments of any kind. You need to make sure that this is something that they understand clearly, concisely, and completely. Anything less than that will spell an absolute disaster when it comes to how your relationship will turn out so make sure that you are able to lay firm foundations quite early on.


newborn photography1. Make it a point for you to be able to capture each and every single detail in newborn photography.

The thing with the newborn phase is that the moments are usually very fleeting and they come by so fast. This is also a moment that can be a bit hazy for most parents and that is why they turn to newborn photography to give them something to look back to in the future. Parents are incredibly head over heels in love with their children (well, most are, at least) and that is why it is such a huge responsibility to be tasked with having to immortalize those newborn moments in the photos that you capture. Pay attention to all of the little details that come in during the photo shoot. Try to capture the baby’s different expressions such as when he is crying, laughing, yawning, getting sleepy, or actually sleeping. All of these moments will be highly treasured by the parents.

2. Ask the parents if you can hold a newborn photography shoot in their home.

There is something sentimental about photographing the baby in the very first home that he has ever lived in. More than that, the home offers so many other elements out there compared to the things that are found in the photo studio. Every session will be unique and interesting and you will find different sources of inspiration every single time.

3. Schedule the photo session within the first ten days of the baby’s life

The reason behind such a specific and preferred timeline is because of the fact that the baby will be asleep most of the time at this particular stage in their lives. You will be having a much easier time trying to photograph the baby if he is not that fidgety and alert just yet. The session is sure to go on much easier and much smoother for you as the Raleigh newborn photographer if he is calm and not yet that reactive. The baby is also less likely to break out and have the usual baby skin issues during the first ten days of his life.

4. Prepare well ahead of time.

Make sure that you are also prepared for all of the possibilities that can happen during the newborn photo shoot. Newborn babies are extremely unpredictable. You can end up being peed on and sometimes even pooped on. These all come with the territory at some point. Take all of these with a grain of salt and just understand that there are just some things that cannot be controlled or pre empted one way or the other. Also make sure that you have your equipment down pat. Prepare for shooting in low light, tight spaces, outdoor settings, and so on and so forth. That way, you are able to maximize the limited time that you are given.

5. Be flexible and be willing to work with the kinds of conditions that you are given

Try to make sure that you are able to fit into a one to two hour session and prepare accordingly.


wedding photography tipsIf it is your first time to blog as a wedding photographer, there are probably so many things going through your mind right now. Blogging in general is an acquired skill and it can indeed be a bit challenging to those who have never done it before. Veteran wedding photographers like this essex wedding photographer though will tell you that it is not all so hard when you come to think of it. There are some smart tricks that you can do or opt for in order for you to be able to pull stuff off one way or the other. So where exactly should you begin?

Feature every wedding

First off, you need to understand ahead of time that you are not blogging for your current client even if you are featuring their particular wedding. What you are technically doing is an advertisement, a marketing piece for your future client to look at that will somehow convince them that you are the right wedding photographer to cover the wedding that they are planning. Sure, your clients may be delighted that you are featuring their wedding in your blog but get this; you need to feature all of the weddings you cover in your blog anyway. However, you do not have to tell them that. The point of the matter here is that you are trying to let your future clients see that you are capable enough to cover a wedding from one end to the other.

Stick to a simple title formula for your post

There is no need to get fancy or anything like that at all. The simpler you are with the way you title your blog entry, the better. One of the best and time tested formulas for coming up with the title would be the first names of the couple, plus the name of the venue, plus the actual location of the wedding. It is straight to the point, all business, and nonsensical. More than that, it is something that will help your blog get just a tad bit more redirects than when you go the other way. If people fire up searches that match up to any of the elements that you have included in your title, chances are, they will find your page.

Then you have to go to the writing part of the blog.

If you are a bit worried about the writing part, it is completely normal. Not a lot of people are comfortable enough to write their thoughts out. It can be a really big struggle to some people. This is something that you do not have to rush through. However, this is something that you would still have to do at some point. Take your time and really think about what kind of thought you would like to convey. If you have to build it up sentence upon sentence, then go ahead and do it. Over time, you will see that this is actually something that you can get better with. More practice means more expertise over the long run.


wedding photographerIn wedding photography, you need to be prepared as much as possible. Preparation will usually spell the difference between a really successful good and a tragic one. This is something that you should seriously take some time in to step back and really assess. After all, you need to make sure that you are fully equipped for a war before you step out of the barracks before you head out, don’t you? Wedding photography is pretty much the same thing. Your gear is the most important part of the equation. After all, no matter how much talent you have, if you do not have enough gear to follow things through with, you will have nowhere to go.

Camera and backup

You start with your camera and your backup camera, or course. If you are just starting out in wedding photography, there is a very high chance that you only have one high quality camera and that’s fine; but you cannot head out to cover an event for a paying client with just one camera. You need some sort of insurance for when something happens to your main one and that is where the second camera comes in and saves the day. Foresight is everything and you should expect the worst. If you can’t afford to buy a second camera just yet, it is ok to borrow or rent one out in the meantime.


You will need to start off with several lenses as well. Lenses are expensive and they can seriously drain you out so start off with the most basic ones. A medium zoom lens is one of the most versatile lenses that you can ever invest in. It films great in bad lighting and captures really awesome portraits as well. You will also want to get a telephoto lens for those times when you cannot be up in people’s faces all the time and you need to stay at a certain distance but still need to shoot close ups. The last lens you will need is a wide angle lens that will let you shoot group photos flawlessly and without that much trouble. Even an orange county wedding photographer brings several lenses when shooting a wedding.

Tripod and Light Stands

You might want to invest in a tripod and light stands as well. Tripods provide the kind of stability and support that is much needed for long events. They are also great in minimizing camera shake when you are shooting in low lighting. Light stands let you control your light placements and they are awesome to have when you are shooting at night.

Memory cards and batteries

You will need at least 60GB worth of memory space so invest well in your memory cards. You will also need a lot of juice so that you do not run out so get two spare camera batteries per camera. Make sure that they are all full charged and pretty much good to go for the event that you are covering.

High quality camera bag

Lastly, you need to invest in a high quality camera bag that can survive through heavy equipment and perhaps even rough handling and weather. Go for something sturdy and durable. Also look for something that is roomy enough to fit all of your gear in.