Newborn Photography

baby photographyIf you are about to start providing baby photography service, you will want to know everything important about it. Nothing is more important for your career than making your first session memorable to your clients. And you want it to be memorable in a positive way!

So, here is everything you will need for your first photography session.

Reliable lenses

You will need more than one lenses. You will find using prime and macro lenses as really useful because it lets you capture things from a close distance sharply. It is also beautiful to just focus on the baby alone regardless of everything around because that’s what the parents want!

Get a wide variety of lenses to make sure that you can take the pictures from various angles and distance. Count it the background or backdrop that you will use. Some photographers prefer to focus on taking pictures in the studio. There are some who like to go with lifestyle or outdoor spots that will make the pictures more memorable.

Convincing portfolios

Parents usually look for a much more experienced photographer because of many reasons. First, they want high-quality pictures, obviously, and beginners can really do that. They also want to know that the photographer knows how to work around babies. Can’t just let someone who doesn’t really like babies to hold yours, right?

Lastly, those portfolios show them whether they will like the style of the photographer. No matter what people say, we have our preferences in terms of something subjective like this. So, do not be worried if you see some people just past-by your site or your gallery. If it’s not a baby photography style that they like, you can’t do anything about it. It happens even to a professional from

Know what’s safe and not

No parents will like it if they feel like you are not handling their child with care. They might not know everything, but they surely want the baby’s safety to be prioritized no matter what. So, be sure to get training or explanations for safety in a photography session beforehand. Show your certificate or proof that you know what you are doing and will promise to keep the baby safe.

For any kind of poses or props usage that might bring danger to the baby, ask the parents for their consent. See if they are okay with you using those methods to take the pictures and explain why you can do that. If they allow it, then proceed with care. If they don’t, do not fight your way to insist on it just to improve your own portfolios.

Clean props and set

Your studio has to be cleaned before the clients arrive. For those who work on a daily basis, you will do well to clean it every morning and do a quick dusting in the evening. Babies are sensitive and may develop a rash at the slightest exposure to dust or stirred awake from an uncomfortable position.

Your props should also be cleaned and stored away in a decent place. So, even if you focus on lifestyle baby photography, your props are always clean and ready for use all the time.

Newborn Photography

A child is born

baby photographyThe birth of an infant is certainly something that gets people excited, as a matter of fact, it is often times used as a yardstick for measuring the success of many relationships across the world. Therefore, it suffices to say that special moments are created during the birth and infancy of a child, having established this fact, it is imperative to state that this individual moment must be captured for the sake of posterity.

However, babies are known to be quite difficult to handle especially when they are still quite young; this makes it very difficult to get just the perfect angle or position during a Baby photoshoot session. Although, as discouraging as this may sound, there are certain professionals, that have mastered the art of getting just the right image at the right moment with the Baby. Moments such as the charming smile on the babies face when he or she sees their parent stretch forth their hands to lift them up, moments such as the tears on the infants face when seeking for attention.

Therefore, it is important to note just how to capture the right moments without excluding the drama therein. Having said all these, there are certain things you must never allow as a professional during a baby Photoshoot.

Never allow poor lightening.

With all set and the Baby seemingly cooperating, the camera ready and the parents grinning from ear to ear with pride at how cooperative he or she seems, you certainly do not want to take that photo without proper or even excessive lightening. You can be sure that the parents are not looking for a fairer nor darker version of their child, they surely love he or her just the way they are. So check and double check to ensure everything is in order, that moment may be quite difficult to recreate again

Never, ever allow anxiety to creep in.

This applies in particular if you are not much of a pro yourself, it doesn’t matter if everyone seems to be staring at your hands or even if the baby appears to be attempting to intimidate you with its cute little face. You would certainly be doing yourself a whole lot of good by focusing on just the Baby and your camera, stand still if you can, exert a firm grip on the Camera and create history

Keep the mother at bay: well, children are known to have a rather weird and high affinity for their mums especially during their early formative years, this bond can sometimes be quite disruptive and as such could constitute a considerable nuisance during the baby photography session.

You would certainly save yourself and others lots of time and energy by asking the mother stay somewhere afar off; this is quite important because you certainly do not want a crying face and an outstretched arm as your work of art during a baby photography shoot that ought to depict joy and fulfillment. In summary, your child certainly deserves to see the best of him or herself when he or she grows up.

Newborn Photography

baby photographyHaving a new baby member in the family can mean a lot of things; a lot of good things! Which is why parents would want to document and keep these cute moments well recorded, because these moments last very short! Before you do schedule for one, we would like you to know more about types and styles of baby photoshoot and the best time to have them taken.

Newborn baby photography

For newborn photo session, you would want to book them early and have it done within 10 days of your baby’s age. The reason is because this is the best moment to record newborn stage and your baby will have the characteristic of that in your womb! They like to sleep, close their eyes and curl up. Photographers can also easily mold them into shape.


For lifestyle or candid session, the photo shoot is usually done in the house of the parents, typically in the bedroom, living room and terrace. Because newborns are still adjusting, parents are very advised to join in the frame with the sleeping baby.


For posed pictures, they are usually done in the studio with various props and accessories (that are baby skin friendly) to give color. The session can take up to 4 hours, because baby and parents need break time and also to feed your baby in between. So, you might want to pack extra diapers into that bag. Parents should also take part in this baby photoshoot!

You are very allowed to use your own props, too if you want! Of course you have to consult with your photographer before using it to make sure that it is safe for the baby.

Baby photoshoot

Typically for baby a few months old to one or two years old. This is full of adorable moments where your little bundle of joy starts exploring the little words around them by crawling, touching and tasting (they like to try biting everything they can a hold of). The session here can also be divided into two types: lifestyle and posed.


Because babies are more active, it comes to be quite hard to have their pictures taken in a still posed position, but not impossible. Babies are give props and wore cute clothes and are put into position. Typically, babies below one year can take part in this easier.

Stages of growth

Babies grow up and during those growth times, they achieve many little milestones along the way, from crawling, standing to walking! These are several moments that can be recorded in photography and be scheduled with your photographer.


One of the best thing baby does in front of the camera is candid pictures. Typically baby will wear their usually daily outfit with accessories if you wish to. Then, photographer will usually take the pictures in a bedroom while letting the baby pose and laugh while looking at their parents.

Parents and other family members

For any kind of baby photography mentioned here, mothers are especially important to take part in the pictures. You might not be photogenic or are probably tired with all the new changes that you have to do, but for the baby photo shoot session, all you need is your love as a mother and that’s it!

Siblings and pets are also very welcomed to be included in the frame. They make amazing cute pictures!

Newborn Photography

baby photographyMany photographers come up to people calling themselves baby photographer after snapping several cute pictures of their baby. But there’s a lot more to be a professional baby photographer.

You and Babies

How much do you like children? This can be a pretty funny question but it is important if you are planning to stay on this track for a long time. Because there are people who are not fond of babies and children for various reasons, it is important to check yourself if you love them.

Having a passion helps with a lot of things, you can deal with problems during photography with cool mind, you are also more enthusiastic in taking better shots and most of all it shows throughout the session for parents to judge whether they have chosen the right person or not.

Frank but Professional

You’ve confirmed yourself that you are ready to be in the business for a long time and would like to get a good start on becoming a professional in the job. First, thing you need to do is admit that you are taking these pictures for the first time, though it would be so much easier if it’s your friends who started the offer.

Frankly tell them, but also show professionalism. How?

Props and Backgrounds

Way, way before the shoot, right after you accepted the offer, start buying and looking for props and backgrounds if you haven’t had any. More is better, since you never which one will look better.

Portfolios or Classes and Trainings

There are several ways you can get your hand on portfolios: from working under a mentor and doing baby photography of your family members (or your own) for free. Other ways to prove your skills are by showing certificates gained through trainings and classes.


Prepare early and be as careful as possible, because it’s the first time. But don’t let your nervousness gets over you, because it can ruin the whole job! Once you are holding the camera, let the creativity flows out.

With Parents

Communicating skills with parents at this stage requires patience and understanding as your best qualities. Imagine all the changes and planning parents have to face with the arrival of a new family member; it can be stressful! So once they approach you during their pregnancy, congratulate them to think about this early because after delivery, parents can forget and postpone! If they come to you after their baby’s arrived, congratulate them and suggest the best time they can have their baby photography done; with patience!

Let them know the difference

There are several stages of baby photography you can provide but parents sometimes don’t realize this, which makes it your job to tell them what you can provide.

Make safety your priority

Babies are sensitive little things, making you have to pay a lot of attention to the set, room and materials that you use:

  • Room has to be set at the most comfortable temperature.
  • Props should not have pointy ends or other dangerous materials. They should also be non-allergens and safe for baby use.
  • Wash your blankets and other props after every sessions.
  • Don’t risk using unfamiliar sets or props even under parents requests. We want to keep everything safe and comfortable for the baby.

Go on!

The best way you can learn is by experience. Since we have listed everything that you need to know here, your first job can’t possibly go wrong (just a little awkward maybe). So don’t worry and take those pictures!