wedding photography tipsIf you have not done it yet, you should know right off the bat that at some point in your career, especially if you would like to be as good as wedding photographer hertfordshire, then you have to start it off with a blog at some point. Well technically speaking, you need to start off with your love and passion for photography and a pretty high quality camera but once you have the hardware and the passion part down pat; you need to get right on with the blog.

A blog is one of the most important things that a wedding photographer could ever need. It is a marvelous platform that you can use for marketing. It is also a pretty good advertisement piece of work that you can use to showcase your skills. What you need to understand about having to put up a blog is that you are not doing it for the client whose wedding you are showcasing (although that is technically hitting two birds with one stone). You are technically doing it for your future clients so that you can pump new business coming in.

You need to make sure that you are able to prioritize the image layout above everything else. Believe it or not, the image of the blog post images can sometimes even be more crucial and more effective than the portfolio layout. Being able to successfully lay out the images in a visually appealing way will let your clients know that you are actually capable of covering a full scale wedding event from front to end. It is something that is actually harder than it actually looks. There is a lot of work and thought process that goes on in the decision making of an image layout for a wedding blog. Main piece of advice is for you to take a step back for a bit and really think things through. Visualize what you would like to do and what kind of effect you are looking out for. It should come to you pretty soon. Schedule the events in a chronological order.

Tag your images accordingly. It does not have to be anything fancy. Think of it as relevant captioning of some kind. This can prove to be a little tedious to most people but that extra little piece of effort will actually really get to help you out a lot in giving your post that one last final push in making sure that it is a bit more optimized. If you are at a loss for words, think more on the lines of putting in a description or some kind of alternative text one way or the other. This is something that will prove to be extremely helpful for Google to be able to index your images. This way, when someone is looking for anything to everything related to the designer of the gown, to the cake, to the caterer, to the florist, and so on and so forth, they will eventually be linked back or redirected towards your page.


wedding photographyDon’t be afraid to talk to the people you photograph

Most people usually have the notion that photographers should just be silent workers clicking away in the background and not really saying anything to the people being photographed. If you want a more authentic vibe coming from your wedding photography stint though, you should be doing the opposite (although not all the time, just be sure to balance it out at some point). Seriously, just talk to them like you normally would to other people when you’re not behind the camera. Be friendly and polite and try to entertain them and keep them interested and “in the moment” as much as possible.

Be creative with how you compose your photos and change it up a bit every now and then

In wedding photography, images that have the same landscape and sort of the same framing and composition will tend to look boring and monotonous. Remember, you are taking a whole bunch of images here so variety really is the cherry that will top the cake off. Try to look for everyday inspiration either in things that you encounter or from the blogs of fellow photographers whose works speak to you and inspire you. You can’t just expect the creative juices to keep on flowing without you working on them. You have to commit to always stay excited to your craft and to take note of the things that stand out to you.

Always attempt to make the bride look pretty in all of her photos

Your bride should be your best friend. Wedding photography is all about making the bride the star of the entire event. Take the time to really pose her properly and make sure that she comes out looking beautiful in her photos. Show her how to pose herself and let her know what her best angles are. She will appreciate everything that you do once the photos come out looking gorgeous and breathtaking because she, above all people, will know how much effort you put in to make the photos come out looking the way they did.

Learn how to compliment women in between takes

Women love being complimented. Learn how to play on this little tidbit of knowledge and you’ll be able to take authentic looking pictures or women smiling, blushing, and just looking all feminine and nice. There is something inexplicable that happens when people in general get complimented genuinely.

Let people be themselves and encourage them to have fun during photo shoots

Wedding photography does not have to be tedious and boring. A little personality never hurt anybody. Let them have fun. Tell them it’s OK to laugh and be a little silly at times. Crack jokes on the side and encourage a light vibe all throughout the photo shoot session. This will make things so much easier both for you and for the people that you are taking pictures of. Personality brings forth the wonderful differences that add character and spirit to wedding photos and they should not be suppressed in any way.