wedding photography tipsShooting in RAW will give you the best quality for your photos.

Wedding photography is really big on picture quality. The reason why the RAW file format is able to deliver the best quality of photos out there is because of the fact that it captures all of the data or information that has been recorded directly from the sensor of the camera used. It means that all of the info is basically untouched or unedited. There is no white balance automatically applied and the camera does not do any kind of processing on the images. You will get to have sole control over all of the editing options and you will be able to manipulate everything down to the very last of its details. This is extremely powerful when you get to think about it because the camera’s automatic editing program is nowhere near as smart as your bran paired up with a powerful editing program on the computer.

You get higher levels of brightness when you shoot in RAW.

Levels of brightness might initially sound like jargon to the beginner but it just basically refers to the number of steps that is required to take a picture from black to white. The higher the steps, the smoother the transition, and in turn, the better the photo quality will turn out to be. If you need a little something to put things into perspective for you, JPEG can provide you with 256 levels of brightness. That does not sound so bad… until you compare it to what the RAW format has to offer – which is up to as much as 16,000 levels of brightness and counting. This kind of difference is astounding, to say the least.

You will be able to easily fix any image flaws such as blown highlights, clipped shadows, over exposure or under exposure, and so on and so forth.

The point of the matter is that we are only but human. As much as you would like to capture perfect shots every single time in your wedding photography gigs, that is not always the case. You will encounter several issues or flaws now and again and that is something that you would have to prepare for. RAW files will let you easily fix any photo issues that you may have without drastically reducing the quality of the photos.

You get better details for your images when you shoot in RAW.

That is something beneficial to you as a essex wedding photographer in wedding photography. RAW files give you access to powerful options such as noise algorithms and the like when you pair them up with powerful computer editing programs such as Aperture and Lightroom. If you are particular in making sure that you get nothing but the crispest and the sharpest of images at all times, then RAW is definitely the only way to go when it all comes down to it.

You are able to edit your images without any risk of ruining the original file.

When you edit your RAW images, it retains the original file. This means that you are not damaging anything and can always go back to square one if you make any editing mistakes.


newborn photography

Newborn photography is somewhat divided, up to a certain fashion. One side of newborn photography falls on producing choreographed and posed imagery in a studio photo shoot style whereas the other side of baby photography Oxfordshire refers to a more natural and more candid approach to things. Both sides have their own strengths to offer at some point. They both look great in photos and they both have a certain appeal to clients and to photographers alike. Whatever the style or the preference may be at some point, it really all depends on what your clients are asking for. Although your artistic inputs are pretty much appreciated and valued, you have to keep your ears open and always look out for what they will like the most.

Make sure that you capture every single detail in newborn photography and do not neglect anything.

Whether the baby may be crying or laughing or yawning or whatever, what you can be quite rest assured of is the fact that the parents will greatly treasure each and every single detail. The reason why it is so crucial for you to document these moments in the newborn baby’s life is because of the fact that these moments are extremely fleeting and the parents are looking for some sort of memento to remember it by one way or the other. What may be the cry of a newborn baby today may not be the same a month later.

Time really is of the essence when it all comes down to it.

Include any other little details such as items that are extremely important to the baby and to the clients alike such as knit blankets, or the family pet, or an heirloom infant bracelet, and so on and so forth. Try to talk to the parents and ask for the top three items that they think should be an important part of the photo shoot and work around those items, if you can help it.

Photograph the newborn baby at home.

It is meaningful for you to actually photograph the baby against a backdrop memorializing his very first home. It can be for sentimental values or for posterity. Whatever it may be, you can bank on the fact that this is an extra finishing touch that your clients will definitely be able to appreciate. More than that, you are guaranteed that every single photo shoot will actually be a unique one.

Try to schedule your photo shoot within the first ten days of the infant’s life.

The first ten days are the best days to get the photo shoot business well and out of the way because of the fact that the baby is still very “moldable” and is also asleep most of the time. If you schedule the shoot later than that, you might come across some difficulties with regards to the cooperation of the baby. Infants are also less susceptible to noises and are less sensitive to light during the first ten days of their lives.