newborn photography1. Make it a point for you to be able to capture each and every single detail in newborn photography.

The thing with the newborn phase is that the moments are usually very fleeting and they come by so fast. This is also a moment that can be a bit hazy for most parents and that is why they turn to newborn photography to give them something to look back to in the future. Parents are incredibly head over heels in love with their children (well, most are, at least) and that is why it is such a huge responsibility to be tasked with having to immortalize those newborn moments in the photos that you capture. Pay attention to all of the little details that come in during the photo shoot. Try to capture the baby’s different expressions such as when he is crying, laughing, yawning, getting sleepy, or actually sleeping. All of these moments will be highly treasured by the parents.

2. Ask the parents if you can hold a newborn photography shoot in their home.

There is something sentimental about photographing the baby in the very first home that he has ever lived in. More than that, the home offers so many other elements out there compared to the things that are found in the photo studio. Every session will be unique and interesting and you will find different sources of inspiration every single time.

3. Schedule the photo session within the first ten days of the baby’s life

The reason behind such a specific and preferred timeline is because of the fact that the baby will be asleep most of the time at this particular stage in their lives. You will be having a much easier time trying to photograph the baby if he is not that fidgety and alert just yet. The session is sure to go on much easier and much smoother for you as the Raleigh newborn photographer if he is calm and not yet that reactive. The baby is also less likely to break out and have the usual baby skin issues during the first ten days of his life.

4. Prepare well ahead of time.

Make sure that you are also prepared for all of the possibilities that can happen during the newborn photo shoot. Newborn babies are extremely unpredictable. You can end up being peed on and sometimes even pooped on. These all come with the territory at some point. Take all of these with a grain of salt and just understand that there are just some things that cannot be controlled or pre empted one way or the other. Also make sure that you have your equipment down pat. Prepare for shooting in low light, tight spaces, outdoor settings, and so on and so forth. That way, you are able to maximize the limited time that you are given.

5. Be flexible and be willing to work with the kinds of conditions that you are given

Try to make sure that you are able to fit into a one to two hour session and prepare accordingly.


newborn photographyBe confident

Have confidence in yourself and believe in what you can do as a newborn photographer. This is probably something that can be somewhat difficult to pull off especially when you don’t have the experience to lend you the confident vibes that you absolutely need. However, what you can be rest assured of is the fact that this is something that can be quite easily taken care of. All you need to do is to make sure that you do your research and basically go do your best in terms of teaching yourself the basics on what is needed to be a professional newborn photographer.

Read through some articles online. Try watching some self-help tutorial videos. Maybe you can even attend some classes, seminars, or photography training so that you will get a better feel of the nitty gritty details and of all of the technicalities. When you come to think about it, it really is not as hard as you think it is. Everything is learnable at some point.

Discuss details

Go over all of the details with your clients and go back and forth into discussions about what will be best for the entire shoot. You need to really talk openly to your clients. Ask them what it is that they would like to achieve from the photo shoot. What were their intentions of having it to begin with? What were their sources of inspiration? Is there a particular theme that they would like to go with? What newborn photography style are they aiming for? These are all crucial questions in making sure that you know exactly what your clients what and just how exactly do they want them. You will be able to make sure that satisfaction is always guaranteed and when your clients are happy, the recommendations start coming in and more clients should be coming in left and right before you even know it.

Invest in stuff

Invest in a wide assortment of blankets and pillow stools. Blankets and pillow stools are the life blood of a newborn photography photo shoot, among other things such as props and toys and so on and so forth. You want to go for something that is soft and textured. You want something that is nice to the touch. Babies like rich textures, everything soft and cool to the touch.

Observe lighting

Pay attention to the kind of lighting you use during the newborn photography photo shoot. You want to be using a lot of natural light when doing a newborn photo shoot. Try to position the baby near a window or a door or somewhere that light just easily streams into. Try to veer away from artificial and harsh light like flash guns because you will end up irritating the baby and may even cut your shoot short because he will start throwing up a tantrum.

Make baby comfy

Make sure that the baby is at ease and comfortable all the time, if you can help it. Try to keep the room warm and toasty so the baby can be kept comfortable but not too much in such a way where the temperature starts to feel humid.